Why You Need This Book

Every day managers make hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of choices that affect the overall performance of an organization. How will they distribute the work among employees? How will they handle a poor performer? How will they reward a shining star? How will they treat people who are secretly their favorite employees?

That’s why I wrote 101 Ways to Lose a Great Employee.

As a training and organizational development professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the field, I hear hundreds of stories each year from good employees about their managers—good employees who are distraught because of the poor choices their leaders are making. Good employees who are on the verge of quitting because of situations that are totally preventable.

Reading my book will heighten your awareness of how each choice you make impacts other people and, ultimately, your entire organization. Keeping it on your desk will be a constant reminder to stay vigilant in your quest to make good decisions throughout each workday.